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No-Poo Adventure: Day 19


Baking soda. I finally have it!

I never realized that this white powder was so cheap. I never usually buy it, but managed to get some over the weekend. Then on Saturday night, I decided to try this baking soda mixture for a shampoo replacement on myself. I was actually a little nervous about it, but armed with my bubbly mixture I stepped into the shower. I wet my hair first, dumped the water/baking soda mixture over my head, trying to get everything, then I scrubbed it in, then rinsed it out.

After I got out of the shower, I dried my hair. It still felt a little greasy, but a little bit cleaner. After my hair dried (took hours and hours), I felt my hair, and couldn’t help but notice that I still felt greasy residue coat my hands with I ran my fingers through it. Did I do something wrong?

I looked up some more information, and there was a tip I stumbled across: “Do not wet hair first before putting baking soda mixture on.” Duh! So this morning I decided to try this again. With some semi-greasy hair I went into the shower, armed with my mixture yet again, but this time I wet my dry hair first with it and scrubbed it in. It was weird scrubbing it in, mainly because it doesn’t feel like I am scrubbing anything in at all. I rinsed it out, and hoped for the best.

After drying my hair off, I noticed it smelled a lot like baking soda. A good sign, I do not know, but I could have sworn I rinsed my hair very well.

So currently my hair is drying, and it feels noticeably less greasy than before I went with the baking soda washes. I am sure that my hair is still adjusting to not being shampoo-ed every other day, and that adds to any grease factor that might come up in the next day or so. I will continue to do the baking soda rinse, but probably only once a week or once every two weeks. We’ll see.

In other news! I actually made my own toothpaste today! After looking up a lot of different recipes, I decided to go with a very basic one since I don’t really have the cash to invest in oils and peppermint and all of that. So I went ahead with mixing baking soda and hydrogen peroxide together until it became pasty. I mixed it into a wide-mouthed peanut butter jar I had just cleaned a few days prior. I was also very, very nervous about this as well. What would this taste like? I dunked my toothbrush into the mix after wetting it, then put it in my mouth and started brushing immediately.

Everything was going fine until a few seconds in, when the paste eventually made it’s way onto my tongue, then suddenly it was unbearable! IT WAS ONE OF THE WORST TASTES I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY MOUTH! Then I couldn’t help but think about what I was putting in my mouth. Hydrogen peroxide? Baking soda? PLEASE LET THIS WORK!!! I continued brushing my teeth until I was sure I got everything, but I hurried for sure, then as fast as I could, I rinsed out my mouth, continually spitting out until I was sure I got out everything. The taste sort of lingered, so I took a swig of some apple juice.

The results of this homemade toothpaste were that my teeth felt clean! Even though it tasted horrible, it worked at removing all the gunk that builds up on a daily basis. I am going to continue this once a day in the morning, and only hope that I can get used to the taste… eventually. ^_^


No-Poo Adventure: Day 15


Today is day 14 of going without shampoo and conditioner, and using the water only method. My hair wasn’t so bad the first few days, but then by day 5 my hair started to feel greasy. Now it feels greasy on a daily basis, but I am getting used to the feeling. I even rinse my hair under hot water everyday, having used a soap bar only once on my roots a week after I stopped poo-ing. I’ve read that it can take up to 6 weeks for hair to adjust, so I am 1/3 of the way through that (I hope!). I only poo’ed and conditioned every other day before I decided to go with water only.

Why water only? Honestly, because I don’t have a hold of some baking soda yet. Or apple cider vinegar, which I have read isn’t a requirement, maybe only for very dry hair. Another reason why I am doing the water only method is because I am going to be living in a cabin this winter without a water tank, and most likely without plumbing. This isn’t a big deal to me, but it was at first. I’ve never had to live without having as much water as I want immediately, but it’s okay. This was I can learn how to preserve water, and being less reliant on anything comes with a growing sense of personal freedom. The other, and most important reason that turned me on to not using shampoo or conditioner, is because of the immense amount of hazardous chemicals in it. Sodium laureth sulfate is the main chemical I am worried about. It’s carcinogenic, which is a one word way of saying it causes cancer. This scared the crap out of me when I first read about it, especially since I have been using these chemicals to cleanse myself the entire time I’ve been pregnant thus far. I am sure it could take years and years of use for some people for it to have an effect on them, but I definitely do not want my daughter exposed to them any longer. So before she is even out of the womb, I have decided to stop using these harmful chemicals, which is also in store-bought toothpaste, body wash, dish detergent, and even baby shampoo! O_O !!!

There is a lot of messed up stuff going on in the world, more than we could even possibly imagine. This was one of those things that took me by surprise when I finally decided to get my head out of my butt and research what I have been slathering onto my skin my whole life. At least I can make a small difference in my life and the life of my unborn child.

Inspired by this article on Simple Mom.

New place, same name


So here it is, my first attempt at making a blog using wordpress. I wanted to give it a try after using blogspot for years, and figured that this could become a long-lasting stable place for me to blog. This is a continuation of my blog by the same name on blogspot, but this time I want to incorporate more besides just general arts and crafts. The craft of writing, the craft of observing, the craft of being a mom (soon), the craft of being in the moment, the craft that is life. We’ll see where this goes, with practice and patience.

I started blogging back before it was even called blogging, before it was a widespread phenomenon. I believe I was 12 years old when I stumbled upon The Open Diary and started keeping my thoughts there, then moving onto Livejournal, and also keeping a personal website for many years devoted to my thoughts and writings. I’ve taken a long break from doing this, but I would like to get back into the groove of it again. Since it feels like I am on a cusp of a new beginning in my life, being two and a half months away from the due date of my first child, I am filled with inspiration.

So I hope that this blog can be filled with many good things to come, a place to practice my writing, a place to share the upsides to life.