Pregnant for two more months!


As I am on the cusp of being in my eighth month of pregnancy, I have had this urge to find out as much as possible about babies. Prior to becoming pregnant, I have only held a baby once, and have never cared for one before. This probably has something to do with the fact that I wasn’t interested in babies, and I haven’t known many people to have them in my lifetime.

Now, however, just the sight of a newborn baby cradled in a mother’s arms with send me to tears. I never could have imagined this strong of an emotional reaction. I look up lots of videos of childbirth, as well, also resulting in me crying as the baby comes out, watching the new mother cry with unabashed joy. I know I will be bawling my eyes out after my daughter is born.

When it comes to childbirth, sometimes I am afraid of the pain, but most of the time I don’t care. I read in my pregnancy books that intense fear will actually slow down the contractions. Like a lot of other mothers who choose to deal with the pain without an epidural, I will try to find a good focal point inside my mind, and breath through it. I am sure this is going to be the most intense experience of my life, bringing a human being into the world. I just can’t help but think of it as very sacred.


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