No-Poo update: 8 weeks later.


It has been nearly eight weeks since shampoo or conditioner has touched my hair. As proud as I am of making it this far, I must say that the results of this experiment are not all the wonderfulness I thought it would be.

Ever since I bought some baking soda and have been using it on my hair once a week, it certainly does the job of removing grease and making my hair feel clean. However, usually around the fifth day after doing the baking soda rinse, my hair gets so greasy and flat. I look in the mirror and cringe because my hair has no life whatsoever. As a result, I have been wearing my hair back (which I don’t like to do), and wearing hats more than usual when it comes to the time between getting greasy and removing grease.

Also, my hair doesn’t smell good. At all. It smells like baking soda for about a day, then it begins to smell like unwashed hair, which isn’t actually a bad smell, but more like a dull one. My boyfriend misses the time when my hair smelled like pomegranate. I miss it, too.

Even though this hasn’t gone that great, this no-poo experiment, I still do not want to give in to shampoo or conditioner. I definitely do not have enough money to be able to afford these products without the sodium laureth sulfate in them, and knowing that they are a carcinogen that I rub into my scalp, I am still turned off enough by the idea to continue to use baking soda only. Perhaps one day I will change my mind, but for now I will have to stick with dull, lifeless hair.


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  1. I’ve tried no ‘poo a couple of times myself. Before my first try I was washing my hair every day, and in the end I gave up because it was such a huge shift! My hair felt greasy and my ends were drying out and splitting from the baking soda, and the vinegar wasn’t helping.

    After I gave up on no ‘poo, I did at least wash my hair less often; only every 3rd or 4th day. I decided to give no ‘poo another chance about 3 weeks ago and I’m having much better results. After about 2 1/2 weeks I was getting build up on the back of my head that wouldn’t go away! So I shampooed yesterday, after about 3 weeks. I’ve pretty much decided that this has to be a weaning process instead of an all at once thing.


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