First successful adult-size crochet hat.


After some agony over yarn and sizing, including studying many different crochet patterns for hats, I finally came to a comfortable place in which I can just make hats on my own now. It helped having some background in knitting as well, to know when things get misshapen or weird.

I have always liked this style of hat, with the little flaps and the cords that people usually just leave untied. I had made a knit style of one once, but it looked ridiculous because of the bright red color I used and it was a tad too small. Since it is that time of the year, and the snow has finally stuck to the ground, I decided to try my hand at crocheting an adult-sized version of the hat. I have already crocheted a baby-sized version that I haven’t shown off yet because I still want to add some cat ears to it. ^_^

Aren't the colors groovy?

Aren’t the colors groovy? It’s soft as well. Took about a day to make it, putting my crochet down and picking it up again several times, including having to unravel almost the entire thing the first time I tried because it was a bit too big. >_>


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