If you were wondering, this is what 22 granny squares looks like piled up on top of each other. Looks like a lot, huh? Well I am not even halfway! EJrkwefaklwsvfsndlk!!! O_<

That's okay. Making them is fun, but I can't wait to see the final product when it is complete. Sometimes I wonder what I am even crocheting this damn Weekend in Stockholm throw for, because it's so darn girly where the heck would I put it when I don't even have a couch to throw it on!? At least I know at the end I will have made something totally cool that my daughter can have when she gets older.

Speaking of my daughter, who is still inside of me for not too much longer, I have been working on tiny pink squares for a baby blanket. I do them when I need a break from the much bigger squares.

I think they look cute and bohemian-like, and it is going to crochet up way more fast than those darn stockholm squares!


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