I broke the no-poo.


I am sorry to have to say, and feel very guilty for giving in to shampoo, especially when I have gone two and a half months without.

As I was rubbing it into my scalp all I could think about was how I am rubbing carcinogens into my skin.

I was happy to have hair that smelled good, though, and I haven’t been this satisfied with my hair’s appearance since I used shampoo and conditioner many months ago.

Maybe I will just use the products until I can get my hands on some Dr. Bronner’s soap or something like that. I don’t want to be an alarmist anymore.

I had my appointment today at the birth clinic, and saw a midwife I haven’t met before, but she seems really nice. I think I have officially met all the midwives now. I am 38 weeks, 4 days, and my belly measured 39 and a half cm today, a crazy jump from last week’s 37, but the midwife told me that this could be the baby’s positioning, or perhaps the way that each midwife measures.

Either way, this baby is going to become a reality pretty soon, and I know it’s going to hit me like an anvil to the head when I finally look into her eyes.


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