Saturday is the official due date, but who knows?


The due date is this Saturday, but it could happen any day, really. It seems to be most common to go into labor a week later than the due date, second most common to be right around the due date, and even less common to be early. I am counting on being a week late, especially since everyone I know has had their children late.

The past week I have been getting menstrual-like cramps, and they are getting a little more strong every few days. I looked it up and the feeling is my cervix thinning out, getting prepped for that big day. It hardly feels real most of the time. I am so anxious!

Everyone that is close by and cares about this baby being born, wants me to call them as soon as I go into labor, but I highly doubt that I will be agreeing to this. What if labor lasts a long time? People can’t be waiting for hours and hours. I was thinking about making the calls at least an hour after she is born and everything is settled in. I am sure some people I know would be upset by this, but honestly the only person I want next to me while I am in labor is my boyfriend. I will be nude inside of a tub full of water, and that isn’t really something I want to share with people other than the midwives and of course my guy.

More people have been asking me lately when my baby is due. It feels nice to say, “This Saturday.” and everyone is thinking Halloween baby. That would be awesome if she were born on Halloween, but I have the feel that it will be November. Who knows really? All we can do is guess!

I just know that when I finally meet her, I will more than likely not want to hand her over to anyone except my boyfriend for the first week or so. I know that so many people will want to hold her, but I think I will keep her to myself when she is new. ^_^


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  1. Oh, I wish the best for a smooth delivery! Have you a name picked out yet? I’ve been thinking about your situation, wanting to pursue the art while balancing motherhood. This is precisely what my twin sister is doing. She went to RISD and has a Bachelor’s in Illustration. She’s had to pretty much put her art on standby because she’s now expecting her third child (another girl!). The two she has keep her very busy. I wish I could put her in touch with you; maybe she would have some insight on this new phase in your life. Take care of yourself.

  2. Everyone says this, but your delivery day is about you, your daughter, and your guy. Period. It’s not a time to worry about other people. I know – easier said than done. Fingers crossed for you all!!

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