Monthly Archives: November 2010

41 weeks, 2 days…


So I assumed that she wouldn’t be coming out on her due date, and I predicted that she may be a few days late… but 9 days!? O_O

I’ve been getting cramps all weekend and they got more painful but then yesterday evening they sort of died down. I have an appointment today for another fetal stress test, and I plan on climbing the stairs to the third floor to see if I can get things going.

I am really hoping she is with me on this one and comes out before Friday, because if she doesn’t, then I have to be induced in the hospital. I’ve had my heart set on a water birth, but I have to accept this may not be the case anymore.


40 weeks, 2 days: no baby yet!


Honestly I can’t think about much else other than the fact that I could go into labor any day now. I have been crocheting obsessively to keep the anxiousness at bay. I am trying to keep track of every little message my body has been sending me. I’d like the big day to come sooner than later!

No big update here, but just wanted to let anyone who reads this blog know… I might be posting less after my girl is born. I might even take a hiatus.