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1 Month Old ^_^


My daughter has been out in the world a while now! She was born at 12:43 AM on the morning of Tuesday, November 9th. She wasn’t too big of a baby for being a week late, only 8 lbs. 11 oz.

The day before she was born I went in for an appointment for a Fetal Stress Test and to get checked to see how much I was dilated. I was 2 cm on the Friday before, so I figured I was probably dilated to maybe a 3 or a 4. The doctor tells me that I am actually 6 cm! I couldn’t believe I dilated 4 cm over the weekend. The contractions I was getting were a kind of pain that I felt I could bear so I figured I wasn’t even in active labor yet.

When I went in to the birth center with my boyfriend later that evening, I was 7 cm dilated, and still able to bear the contractions. I walked around, stood up most of the time because I was so excited. Then the contractions started to really become painful, and I will never know how many centimeters I was dilated when the pain really started to kick in. I got into the tub and moaned and groaned for what felt like forever. The midwife had me move over to a birthing stool and try there, but I wasn’t progressing.

I ended up giving birth to Lilah on the bed, on my back, with my boyfriend and the apprentice midwife holding my knees back to my chest, and the main midwife shining a flashlight down there.

Honestly I felt like I could just fall asleep within seconds between each contraction, and I was having a hard time knowing how to push. The main midwife told me to hold my breath in my chest and bear down. Once I started to do that I stopped wasting my energy on moaning and used it to push Lilah out.

They told me that they could see her dark hair. That was what inspired me to really work hard at this point. I used every ounce of my being to push my little girl out, and then I felt the ring of fire. I knew what that meant, that her head was right there! I knew I was so close, and then when her head finally came out my contractions stopped and I felt a huge relief. The midwife had to stick her fingers in to help get her body out and that jumpstarted the contractions again.

Then Lilah’s body came rushing out and I felt the hugest relief of my life. Within seconds she was placed on my chest and I didn’t cry like I thought I would, but instead I felt really worn out but happy. It had been such a long day!

After I delivered the placenta, I got the shivers REALLY BAD. I had no idea that I would shiver so violently, so uncontrollably. I felt so cold and they wrapped the blankets around me and little Lilah who was on my chest. She didn’t leave my chest for about 20 minutes, then my boyfriend cut the umbilical cord, and Lilah was weighed and measured while I was taken to the bathroom to see if I could pee. Peeing right after giving birth was probably just as painful as the ring of fire, because it burned like crazy.

We stayed at the birth center that night, but I didn’t sleep too well because it was kind of hot in there. There was a fan going in the room but it didn’t do much good.

Being a mom has been wonderful, even the parts that suck. Like getting broken sleep, which I have already gotten used to by now. Lilah seems to be a night owl most of the time, and she likes to be walked around and carried to fall asleep again.

She has changed so much in a month, I can’t believe it!