(several) missions complete!


Oh look, how epic! My neighbor showed me how to use a sewing machine, and little by little over the past two weeks, she helped guide me in assembling this, a dress for my Lilah. Of course she needs to grow into it some, but I am so happy with the result!!

I made a Flower Hot Pad for learning some new skills in crocheting, but it turned out quite a bit differently than in the photo of the finished product. Oh well…

Then I made a 30 minute baby hat, which was my instant gratification project… cute, huh?

Oh yes, and I am STILL working on the wavy baby blanket…


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  1. I really don’t see how you find the time!! That’s awesome!
    I have a sewing machine, but have yet to (ever) make anything functional. I think I don’t have the patience. Do you know what kills me??? The ironing of the fabric. I hate ironing. Don’t even have an ironing board.
    Lilah is gorgeous!

    • I stay up 4 hours after I put Lilah to sleep for the night, and end up getting around 6-7 hours of sleep, but it’s worth it. I feel crazy if I don’t do some sort of creative/crafty thing at least once a day.

      I had only ironed something once before in my life, then the making of this dress was the second. I had no idea it was such an important part of the process. >_>

      It’s handy

      • Stupid enter key…

        It’s handy to have a sewing machine around, I should have had one for years now considering how many times my boyfriend came home from construction jobs with a ripped shirt.

  2. The dress is too cute–and so is Lilah! When she gets old enough to have dolls, you’ll have to sew the same outfit for her dolls that you sew for her. Trust me.

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