Behold the cuteness.


So, things have been slowing down as far as crafts and art goes. That blanket I started is a fourth of the way done, and rolled up on the bookshelf, patiently waiting for me to unroll it again. I also began doing awesome things in Photoshop with a picture I drew and scanned. It’s not being worked on as much as I would like, but at least it is progressing.

Because I have nothing particularly amazing to blog about, here is a cute baby picture…

these pants don't match my shirt!


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  1. Oh, I am squealing with happiness! She is such a doll! Look at the head of hair on her. Lilah is turning out to be such a beautiful little girl. Good to hear you’re getting back into your art again.

  2. And that’s more than enough. I guess we all struggle with not enough time in the day to pursue everything we want to.
    And man….Does your child have some hair!!

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