Monthly Archives: July 2012

Of crafts and art and things.


Ever since I started working an almost full-time job, I’ve had less time to work on my drawings, which I try to squeeze in a bit of work on here and there. Whether it’s watching a movie with my boyfriend while we both draw weird things, or at open mic night in a packed bar. There have been quite a few people that have asked me to draw something for them, whether it be a tattoo design or album artwork. I feel bad because even though these projects are tempting and sound like fun, I have been having a difficult time getting in the mood to draw. It’s something that requires me to put myself fully into, and with a sink full of dishes and laundry that seems to never be done, it’s hard to let go in the way that I would like. It’s not a hopeless case, I just can’t wait to start taking more art classes this coming Fall.