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Highlights of my birthday yesterday…


1.) Getting blood drawn to check for my iron levels at my appointment. The midwives that I see are all very nice people. The midwife I saw today gave me a hug when I told her it was my birthday. Also, I got a free stainless steel water bottle, but not sure if my birthday had anything to do with that. 😛

2.) The first snow here in Fairbanks also occured. It melted by the time the day was over. Then this morning it was looking pretty promising as snow-free, but then that quickly changed and it started to snow again, and it hasn’t stopped since. I don’t really like the winter all too much, even though I’ve lived in Alaska most of my life, and grew up in pretty much the most snow-ridden place during the winter: Valdez. I remember opening the front door in the morning and there would be about 4 feet of snow blocking the way outside.

3.) My boyfriend Justin and I went to Denny’s for dinner. We pretty much never go out to eat because we are trying to save up as much as possible, but of course because it was a *sparkle* special day *sparkle* we had to. We both had burgers, and I had no idea why the heck I ordered a double cheeseburger of all things. I thought after I took my first bite into it: “Way too much meat! Dripping everywhere! Cannot fit in my mouth!” I also got a chocolate milkshake, which was pretty tasty, but I noticed that Denny’s doesn’t give you extra anymore like they used to. Five dollars just to have a tiny glass? When you mofos’ used to give me the tiny glass AND the metal thing you mixed it in?! Milkshake was enjoyed anyway.

4.) I got to buy some yarn with a gift card that Justin’s parents gave me. To me, one of the most fun and refreshing things I can do is just stand there and stare at all of the yarn, then reach my hand out to feel the textures, to admire the colors. Then based upon that, I try to envision what sort of awesome blankets, hats, bags, baby stuff, etc. I could make with it. This envisioning part usually never goes too far, because at that point I would have already grabbed about 5 yarn skeins, mainly Red Heart because it’s the cheapest. Justin had to literally drag me away from the yarn isle because I wouldn’t have budged for at least another half hour. The good thing is that now I probably have enough yarn to finish crocheting that Weekend In Stockholm throw I have mentioned before, that I started back in July.