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Mastering the pen tool…


Ever since I got a hold of Photoshop CS4, I have been experimenting with it’s tools everyday. Last week I learned how to make brushes from this awesome tutorial and since then have made brushes out of nearly every brush worthy photo I have on this computer. Then I proceeded to watercolor some random blotches, and then scan them, making brushes out of those too. It’s been very fun so far.

Yesterday I was doing my usual random internet thing, when I stumbled across “vexeling”. Click here for a good example that I found inspirational to look at. It reminded me of something I tried to do years ago with Paint Shop Pro. I wouldn’t dare touch Photoshop, for some reason the program seemed intimidating to me at the time. However, looking at these vexels, I feel inspired to try my hand at it again, except this time the proper way, utilizing the pen tool.

Hopefully I will become a pen tool master, and in doing so I see so many different ways to bring new life to my own hand drawn art. Right now I am practicing on a picture I found in stock photos on DeviantArt, but I hope once I get the hang of it, to move onto vexeling some drawings of mine.

A little more than five weeks left before the due date. I am trying to make the most of my time just doing what I find to be relaxing and fun, because I know that once she is born, she will be my focus.

I plan on using a baby carrier to hold her to my chest at all times. I cringe when I see people lug around those gigantic carseats with a baby inside. It would seem much easier to just strap the baby to yourself either in a carrier or in a sling. That way both hands are available, and the baby gets used to movements in all directions, and they are more comfortable that way as well.