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New place, same name


So here it is, my first attempt at making a blog using wordpress. I wanted to give it a try after using blogspot for years, and figured that this could become a long-lasting stable place for me to blog. This is a continuation of my blog by the same name on blogspot, but this time I want to incorporate more besides just general arts and crafts. The craft of writing, the craft of observing, the craft of being a mom (soon), the craft of being in the moment, the craft that is life. We’ll see where this goes, with practice and patience.

I started blogging back before it was even called blogging, before it was a widespread phenomenon. I believe I was 12 years old when I stumbled upon The Open Diary and started keeping my thoughts there, then moving onto Livejournal, and also keeping a personal website for many years devoted to my thoughts and writings. I’ve taken a long break from doing this, but I would like to get back into the groove of it again. Since it feels like I am on a cusp of a new beginning in my life, being two and a half months away from the due date of my first child, I am filled with inspiration.

So I hope that this blog can be filled with many good things to come, a place to practice my writing, a place to share the upsides to life.