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Giving this blog some much needed love.


I’ve been very lazy about writing in this blog. Several times over the past few weeks I’ve thought about WordPress, but then went to Facebook or Tumblr instead. I just didn’t feel inspired to write anything. It felt like it would be a chore.

Fortunately, crafting isn’t a chore to me! I’ve been working on a crocodile stitch messenger bag, from a pattern I found on Ravelry. I mostly started working on it because I can’t stand the fact that my current purse cannot be slung over my chest. I almost feel naked that I cannot do this.

Here is the progress…

Also, I’ve been been inspired to draw, which feels wonderful. Here is a blurry picture of a sketch that I plan to scan later and turn into a Photoshopped masterpiece…


How do I stop multi-tasking?


More like, how do I stop having ten things to do at a time? How important are each of these different tasks? How will they help me now, or for the future? Are some just bringing me back into the past?

I have been multi-tasking for years, and it always gets worse when I have a computer available to me, especially if it is connected to the internet. When I could be drawing or crocheting or perhaps even doing some chores, instead I am surfing the tubes, inhaling information that I am so hungry for. To-do lists don’t work for me, they are usually left behind, forgotten.

Single-tasking, as pleasant and as rewarding as it sounds, is also a challenge. How can I focus when there are so many other things equally as important or unimportant. How do I stay on a single project wave without jumping around like a fish out of water to a different project within seconds?

This is obviously one of my bad habits, some of my others include: being Captain Obvious, being unable to find something I set down two seconds ago, and having thoughts that do not follow a rhythm, but always veer off, ceasing to exist as fast as it existed.