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She is the most beautiful person in the world to me.
She is the wind that blew away all of my dark clouds and illuminated them with light from her sun.
She is the stars and the moon that glow in the night, revealing my path to me when I am lost in the dark.
She is the anchor that kept me from drifting into raging waters, a welcome weight to ground me when the tide rolls out.
She is the heat that warms me when I am cold of spirit.
She is a part of me, as I am of her. We were once connected in my womb, as one.
She is the reason, my reason.
My wonderful, incredible, and inspiring daughter. Lilah.




Behold the cuteness.


So, things have been slowing down as far as crafts and art goes. That blanket I started is a fourth of the way done, and rolled up on the bookshelf, patiently waiting for me to unroll it again. I also began doing awesome things in Photoshop with a picture I drew and scanned. It’s not being worked on as much as I would like, but at least it is progressing.

Because I have nothing particularly amazing to blog about, here is a cute baby picture…

these pants don't match my shirt!



lilah in the sun

More than a few interesting and awesome things are happening to my baby, and it’s all part of her (sadly and happily) growing.

One tooth, a central incisor, is now obviously coming it. When I feel it with my finger, it’s very much like a scissor. I am a little nervous when I feed her, because she has been keen to bite down before she latches off. However, I am not going to let any amount of teeth stop me from continuing to breastfeed.

As for being able to get around on her own, Lilah can successfully scoot backwards until she bumps into something. She can also get on her hands and knees and rock back and forth. I am not sure how far away crawling would be at this point. It’s always possible that she will just skip crawling, but who knows?

As far as personality goes, my baby is certainly a screecher. My little pterodactyl loves to let out her crazy sounds anywhere and everywhere. Some people assume that she is doing this because she is upset, but she is certainly smiling and having a good time just testing and exploring her vocals. Also, she now goes “BA BA BA BA BA” over and over sometimes, and it’s so cute when she does.

I can’t wait to see how much she will change, and I bet I will be even more shocked by how quickly the changes occur.

Speaking of baby, I have completed some Lilah-oriented crafts recently…

toy hammock

A humble abode for her stuffed animals. I completely forgot about these hammocks until I came across this pattern. Then it all came rushing back, and I remembered how I had one of these in my room when I was little. I just HAD to crochet one! ^_^


On the Raverly website I came across a pattern for baby wristwarmers. It was a pretty fast crochet project, taking only about 30 minutes. I put them on Lilah and they were the perfect size!

As for my next baby-oriented project, I was really thinking about crocheting a poncho!

Lilah’s first cold, unfortunately :(


my daughter's beautiful smile :)

Finally! I have some me time, after setting Lilah down to sleep for the night… which is a task worthy of a master ninja. It is a task currently made more difficult by the fact that we are both sick! :O

It all started with last Thursday. All day I felt this slight scratchiness in my throat, but chalked it up to the fact that I hadn’t been drinking enough water that day. Also, the excitement of going to live with my sister for a while seemed to override how weird the scratchy throat thing seemed to be.

Friday… I woke up unable to speak. I had phlegm the color of spring trees when I coughed, and I noticed that Lilah had a slight cough too.

Saturday… my attempts at speaking end up with a joke about how I sound like a male cross dresser (thanks a lot, Dawn :P), and I started to get the super congestedness that colds are famous for. Lilah started to cough more and experience a constant rain of snot, which she hated to have wiped off. I even used the expensive Boogie Wipes, which are super soft.

Sunday… still hurt to talk, and the congestion got worse. I started to cough up a storm, spitting up little green pools throughout the day, which has an unfortunate taste. Lilah started to become even more fussy, which what seemed like a supercharged version of the constant snot rain bubbling out of her nose.

Monday… I noticed that my upper teeth began to hurt slightly. I thought that it was weird, and wondered if my new mom habit of forgetting to brush my teeth was catching up to me. Lilah was the same.

Tuesday… I was finally able to speak without sounding like a drag queen, was still coughing up a storm, but now my tooth ache was waaay worse. What the heck? I did the good ol’ internet medical search, and came up with this: sinus infection!

Now, at first I was scared. I have never had a sinus infection before. What was I supposed to do? I read that if I don’t take antibiotics, that something serious could happen. This just made me feel even more frightened, and naturally I was worried that Lilah had the same thing going on.

I called up my friend, Vernita, who is a wise mom of three grown up girls. I asked her if she had a sinus infection before, and how she dealt with it. She told me that she didn’t take antibiotics for it, but instead boiled water on the stove infused with oregano and thyme oils, and put a towel over her head, and proceeded to breathe in the pizza-like aromas. I had no idea that oregano and thyme were antibacterial.

Apparently this worked for Vernita, so I gave it a try. With some help from my sister, Lilah and I stood over a pot of water with real oregano and thyme boiling inside of it, and breathed in the vapors. It smelled amazing, and I enjoyed it for about 5 minutes tops, before becoming worried if Lilah was becoming too overheated.

I have yet to see if this method helped, but we are both still sick. Not terribly sick, but certainly getting better. I take Lilah in to the doctor tomorrow to see if there is anything more I can do to help her. Since Vicks Baby Rub, Infant Ibuprofen, the dreaded nasal bulb, and the Boogie Wipes don’t seem to be helping that much.