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Solution for my cold, dried hands.


yay for mittens

It’s been a while since I completed any sort of knitting projects, since I learned how to crochet this summer and it became my new obsession.

The winter is starting to set in here. There is snow on the ground, but not a whole lot, and the air is nice and cold… and dry. Every winter I get extremely dry hands, and every winter my hands crack and bleed and it hurts like crazy. No matter how much lotion I put on, nothing helps.

Since I didn’t have any sort of gloves or mittens (I lost a pair of mittens I made over a year ago), I decided to search on Raverly for a simple pair to knit. I chose to knit them because knitting uses up a third as much yarn as crocheting does. I looked through all the simple pairs, and none of them caught my eye.

Then I saw this pattern entitled Phenomenon by Carine Ancel. They are far from simple, and I fell in love with the texture and the long cable running through the middle. They are apparently based on the pair of mittens that Bella wears in the Twilight movies. A cord struck, and I remember watching the movies and thinking those mittens looked awesome, and now I can make my own pair. Heck yeah! ^_^

I used some stash Caron One Pound blue yarn I’ve had for years. I didn’t have enough to make the mittens double-stranded, which is what the pattern would call for since I was using worsted weight yarn instead of bulky yarn. My mittens ended up a tad on the tight side as well, because I used size 8 needles instead of the only other pair of DPNs I have, which are size 11.

It’s already been decided that I will make another pair in the future when I have some bulkier yarn to work with, but for now these will have to do, and hopefully they will keep my fingers from freezing!