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Count To Ten


Maybe the self was not mean to be deciphered to its inherent intracacies.
As I stare at my face, a face that bore more youth and insecurity.
I am a wisp that exists for a brief moment, then I am burned out of existence by the birth of new life.
We are connected by a web, and entangled by our derangements.
Breathing in and out is a tight sensation building in my chest
An awareness of internal organs cuts my comfort with a knife
Pressurized, immortalized by moments that were meaningful.
I clasp my hands together, count to ten
There it goes… I’m normal again




There I stood on the edge
Staring back at the Earth
The planet on which I was born
A story older than comprehension allows
As my eyes scanned Earth’s shining horizon
I let go of all my fears, my problems, and my pain
My body relaxed and waves of peace
Traveled up through my toes and my legs
Through my stomach, through my heart
Coursing through my arms, into my fingers
Into my brain, morphing my mind
I turned around and danced towards the sun