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A dream way better than Inception, apparently.


Last night’s dream was this… I was a man and I could put a veil over my head and that would make me look like anyone I wanted to. I was using this to my advantage in a scenario I cannot even remember, but I was on the run. When I couldn’t use my disguise convincingly enough anymore, I just started to run as fast as I could, for miles and miles.

Instead of grass being the surface I ran upon, it turned into snow and everything was desolate. There was a lone building that looked like the only thing alive, and it was kind of covered with snow. I approached it and was greeted by about four or so people, one of them being a man that took extreme interest in me. He looked at me intensely, like he understood something about me that no one else could.

Years and years passed and everyone else died except for me and the man. Many secrets were explained in what felts like seconds, which was that him and I were both immortal, and that when I ran for miles and miles that I split into two, and I WAS the man from the future, and when I was running and split off into the self that ran from grass to snow, I was linked to myself, so that is why I landed where I was.

I saw some sort of pattern in the sky, like this grid that sealed all of us together as one. It was moving and had several layers, and our souls were on these layers and were passing over other parts of our souls.

For some reason the man and myself were growing older and we did not understand why when we had been mid-adult age for so many years. Maybe it was just our time.

I remember at one point during this dream I stepped out of being the main characters, and looked at this dream and thought, “Wow, this is way better than Inception.”