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Finally updated my website!


After many months, I finally downloaded the drivers to my scanner, then uploaded a good portion of my finished drawings. I put them up on my website, that was art-less until just yesterday.

Click here to check out the site!

Also, those “rare” walks alone are now becoming less rare. I found a nice spot nearby to walk, that is mostly filled with trees.


A rare walk alone.


Here is a picture from my walk today. I normally never go for walks by myself, but I was told by the midwife the other day that I should be walking at least 2-3 times a week to get my baby positioned correctly for birth.

Usually I will not go for walks unless someone goes with me. Today I just threw on my walking shoes, headed outside and walked to the nearest nature place I could think of: creamer’s field. There are a bunch of geese there right now, and it’s fun to listen to them talking to each other. I wonder how well she heard them, being inside of me. I definitely want to show her the geese when she is old enough to appreciate them.

The walk there I kept sniffling from the morning chill, and there was also the glare of the rising sun in my eyes. So basically I squinted the whole way there, but didn’t have to on the way back. It was also noticeably warmer, probably because the sun was on my back. I was actually sweating pretty hardcore.

I was feeling moody before I left for the walk, but when I got back I felt a lot better. I am guessing that it’s my late pregnancy hormones ready to bite anyone who irritates me. Anything I can do to make that subside is a good.

So I stopped crocheting cold turkey, not because I had to, or wanted to. I just did. My addiction is slowly morphing back over to drawing again, so that is what I have been doing the past couple of days. When I get some more white yarn I will finally finish the Weekend in Stockholm throw that I started two months ago. It will be the first blanket I ever completed.